Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Broking Stocks

Dear Investors,

Sharp Fall in Stock Market last days causes Heavy loss to all investors. Mostly those who traded in F & O and Same day Square off Saudas.
Valuation of Stocks also drop down of those investors who has Shares in Stock.

In Such Circumstances, We advice our Investors to convert their high P/E (15 and above) delivery stocks in good fundamental, low P/E (5 and below),dividend paying midcaps.

From our 15 year experience, we like to suggest Stock Broking Stocks at current levels.

Reasons for this suggestion are :-
* Future of all member broker looking very good.
* They are quoting at very low P/E (5),
* There performence increasing regulary.

Results of Dec. 07 are coming Excellent (50 - 100 % up)

By working hard on many stocks we found 9 GOOD Stock Broking Stocks.

1.Transwarranty (532812) @ 22.50
2.IKAB (514238) @ 24.90
3.Swastika(530585) @ 29.70
4.Inani Secu(531672) @ 32.50
5.DJSS(511636) @ 20.25
6.CIL SECURITIES (530829) @ 26.60
7.D.B Inter (530393) @ 78.80
8.Wall Fort (532053) 45.15
9.Oasis Secu. (512489) 33.70

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